#FijiFirst Leader with our new proposed candidates at HQ yesterday. https://t.co/nP6DJLMsIs
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The first ever Leader for every single one of us and the best leader for #Fiji <3

Check out FijiFirst.com for more details

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For the first time ever, and certainly the first time in 55 years, #Fijians can boast equal citizenry and unity like never before in our History thanks to #FijiFirst Leader Frank #Bainimarama

#FijiNews #FijiPol #TeamFiji #Fiji
Unity, Love, Respect and Peace is how we will make #TeamFiji stronger.

Reject politicians from #NFP and #SODELPA who want to divide us.

Go to FijiFirst.com for more on how to reject #SLOWDELPA and #NFPFIJI LIES.

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At no time in our history have Fijians held greater confidence in the direction of our nation or in the future we are working together to build. Our income levels are steadily increasing, we have moved up the ladder to become an upper middle income country, and our living standards are the highest they have ever been, as Fijians enjoy the benefits of eight consecutive years of economic growth.

Download The Constitution Of The Republic Of Fiji

If you would like to support the movement for a better Fiji for all Fijians, you can send donations to our nominated bank accounts.


The Constitution


SODELPA ย and other political parties say that they do not recognize the Constitution and that if elected they would immediately seek to re-impose…



SODELPA AND OTHER POLITICAL PARTIES SAY that iTaukei land is not safe under the 2013 Constitution, that the Land Use Decree violates landowner rights…



SODELPA and other political parties say that they will constitutionally reinstate the GCC and that without the GCC the indigenous people become rudderless…

The best future for all Fijians

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