Nausori Airport Extension Ground Breaking Ceremony

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“Today, we are breaking ground for much more than just another landmark infrastructure project. Today, we break ground on a new era of development and growth for Nausori.” This were the sentiments of the FijiFirst Leader Voreqe Bainimarama at the ground-breaking ceremony of the extension of the Nausori Airport today. “The impact of the Nausori Airport runway extension and upgrade will be much greater than initially meets the eye.” “It’s safe to say that a project of this size, and the economic benefits that flow directly from it, will totally reshape the area surrounding us today. Come the completion of this project in 2021, the big news story likely won’t be the extended runway itself, but the increased value of property around the airport.” Bainimarama adds the demand for commercial and residential property in the neighbouring areas is already on the rise. “As jobs are created and tourists and business-people flow in and out of the airport with money to spend, landowners in Nausori will prove to be big winners with increased demand for housing, goods and services.” The project, is an estimated Fiji Airports investment $60m, will completely upgrade the airport’s existing runway and pavement infrastructure. The runway length will be extended from 1,670 metres to 2,140 metres, and widened from 30 metres to 45 metres. Plane taxiways will be widened, and a new parking apron will be created outside in preparation for a future phase of planned terminal upgrades.

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