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Acting Prime Minister and Attorney General Hon. Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum today officiated at the Prophet Mohammed’s Birthday celebrations in Ba’s Maruru Jame Mosque.

Speaking at the event, the Attorney General reiterated the need for Fijians especially those from the Islamic faith to live their lives that mirror the life of the Prophet Mohammed.

“We need to do away with many of our current practices of the many things that we need to change, one of the most critical aspect is the love and respect for nature,” he said.

“The Holy Prophet Mohammed was many things including an environmentalist through his deeds and we need to take care of our environment and give our nation the respect it deserves.”

The AG was joined by special speakers of the Islamic faith from India who highlighted the unique bond that all Fijians share.

“The peace and tolerance in a country like Fiji is a blessing and I pray that this peace remains for eternity,” Maulana Ahmad Nakshabandi from hyderabad said.

“The people of Fiji are so welcome respectful that the world needs to learn alot of things from your country.”

The AG was accompanied by Minister Faiyaz Koya.


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