Agricultural Reforms

The Agricultural sector provides an essential source of livelihood, food and nutrition security, and income and employment opportunities. FijiFirst continues to provide support and initiate programmes to farmers, and promotes the agriculture sector throughout the country for enhanced production of crops. FijiFirst also focuses on promoting self-sufficiency in producing and exporting key agricultural products.

  • We currently provide $1900 to farmers to prepare hilly land for sugarcane production, and we have supported more than 200,000 people dependent on sugarcane cultivation in the form of grants and subsidies.
  • Further efforts have been geared towards increasing productive capacity, improving transportation, providing in-fielders and cage bins to support mechanical harvesting, implementing a new cane-quality payment system and generating additional revenue. To raise sugarcane production, we aim to introduce the use of drip irrigation, improved cane seedlings, improved soil health, replanted unused sugar cane leases, secured more lease renewals, and further mechanisation.
  • Various programmes have been implemented regularly to improve food security and boost agricultural exports.
  • FijiFirst Government  continues to support initiatives for crop replanting, supplying agro-inputs, extension of services and training for young farmers, relevant crop-oriented research, provision of high-yielding and climate-resilient seeds and crop varieties, and better land-use planning.
  • FijiFirst Government  continues to pursue private-sector partnerships to support the adoption of mechanisation and new technologies in areas of hydroponics, livestock and dairy, organic farming, and processing of agricultural products (ginger, rice, fresh fruits and vegetables) and fruit drinks. Small farms will also be assisted to graduate to semi-commercial status.
  • The Agricultural Marketing Authority (AMA) has provided effective marketing support to farmers in the rural and outer islands while avoiding crowding out private sector participation.
  • Stronger links have been forged between the agricultural sector and the tourism industry to improve access to more lucrative direct markets.
  • Opportunities to expand Fiji’s exports for sale in mainstream supermarket chains overseas are currently operational, resulting in a significant contribution to the Fijian economy.

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