Get The Truth – The Constitution

SODELPA  and other political parties say that they do not recognize the Constitution and that if elected they would immediately seek to re-impose the 1997 Constitution. FACT: The Fijian [...]

Get The Truth – Land

SODELPA AND OTHER POLITICAL PARTIES SAY that iTaukei land is not safe under the 2013 Constitution, that the Land Use Decree violates landowner rights and that the Land Bank erodes the power of [...]

Get The Truth – Government Debt

A country’s stock of outstanding debt rises when its Government’s spending is more than the money it receives (net deficit). The shortfall in money or net deficit is financed by borrowing either [...]

Get The Truth – Inflation

From December 2006 to December 2013, the consumer price index rose by 44%. This means that the basket of food and other items a family consumed cost 44% more than in 2006. Why did it rise? • [...]

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