Children Welfare

FijiFirst has and will always support the welfare of children, for the future of Fiji lies in their hands. We have cemented our commitment to child protection by upholding the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and ensuring we have the legislative tools to safeguard our children.

We have ensured that programmes are organized for the support of all children across the country, be it in the areas of education, poverty alleviation, sports, transportation and many more. There have been significant advancements for children, to make them well equipped and empowered for any challenges they face in the future. Some of the services provided by the FijiFirst Government for the welfare of our children are:

Policy formulation and development to advance child protection

Child protection programmes based on adoption, reporting and awareness

Care and Protection Allowance

Probation and Community Supervision of Juvenile Offenders and Adults

There are also separate programmes for parents-to-be, including providing financial stability, maternity and paternity leaves for the parents, and other medical assistance to the families.

“Our Children are Our Future”

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