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Attorney General, Minister for Economy and Minister responsible for Climate Change, Hon. Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum spoke during the Climate and Disaster Resilient Transport in Small Island Developing States: A Call for Action event in Bonn Zone in Germany.

“I would like to thank the World Bank for this invitation. Calling for action on climate and disaster resilient transport in SIDS is timely because climate change is not a distant threat. It is already happening. It is affecting our lives, livelihoods and infrastructure, especially the transport assets,” the AG said.

“Transport is extremely important for our economies and for the provision of services to our communities. Critically, it is important for connecting our cities and towns with rural areas and remote islands. For island economies, such as ours, transport is not just about the roads and bridges, but includes boats, ferries, jetties, ports and airports. These are essential for linking our islands together and also for connecting with international trade,” he added.

“With a projected increase in the frequency and intensity of some extreme weather events such as higher precipitation and sea level rise amplifying storm surges in coastal areas including climate-induced natural disasters there could be increased risk of delays, disruptions, damage, and failure across our land-based, air, and marine transportation systems. Road infrastructure in coastal areas is particularly sensitive to more frequent and permanent flooding from sea level rise and storm surges, amplifying economic losses. Floods commonly leave our roads in towns and cities inundated for hours and disrupt airports services.”

“We are not resting on our laurels. We have started to take action. The design and construction of our new and upgraded roads include climate resilience in their design specifications,” he further added.


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