Education Development

FijiFirst values and supports the importance of education in the future and development of Fiji in all aspects. We have succeeded in providing universal access to education at all levels, focusing on improving the quality of education. This has led to an increase in the supply of well-trained, world-class professionals who are equipped for job opportunities in the global market. We have promoted a safe and inclusive learning environment, including education for people with special needs and health and wellness programmes.

  • FijiFirst Government has been providing free education since 2014 with the Free Education Initiative through per capita grants to schools. Initiatives, such as the Free Bus Fare Initiative, OUR FUTURE 56 boat-fare subsidies, free textbooks and other financial assistance ensure that no one is deprived of a quality education.
  • Since 2007, FijiFirst Government has invested $4.6 billion into the education sector.
  • Early Childhood Education (ECE) has been improved, and ECE centres are now attached to all primary schools around Fiji.
  • There has been a steady increase in the number of teachers undergoing training on gender sensitisation, equality and child protection, including protective behaviours programmes to detect child sexual abuse.
  • Tertiary Education Loan Scheme (TELS) and National Toppers Scheme (NTS) were introduced in 2014, ensuring all those accepted by tertiary institutions have access to funding.
  • The curriculum for primary and secondary schools has been reviewed to support national integration and prepare Fijians for a transformed and digital Fiji, to accommodate creative and active learning, and to develop entrepreneurial skills, learning by doing, and effective peer learning. This holistic approach incorporates enhanced parental engagement to support learning.
  • Adequate funding has been provided to ensure the international accreditation of the Fiji National University’s (FNU) courses and all technical colleges in Fiji.

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