FijiFirst Committed to the well-being of all Fijians Sat, 10 Nov 2018 09:09:37 +0000 en-GB hourly 1 FijiFirst 32 32 Statement by FijiFirst Leader Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama Wed, 07 Nov 2018 04:19:27 +0000 ]]> Bula vinaka.

My fellow Fijians,

Under my leadership, we have had 9 years of straight growth. This economic growth means every Fijian is better off with improved standards of living, better access to services like water, electricity, roads, bridges and jetties, quality education, more help for our elderly, disabled and poor, improved healthcare and other services. The fact is that Fijians now have more opportunities, more jobs, more income and more luxuries of life under my FijiFirst government.

We have introduced many innovative policies to lift the lives of every Fijian. Our financially disadvantaged, disabled, women and elderly are protected and supported by Government.

Rabuka in his recent video is bragging about things he didn’t achieve. He said that growth when he was Prime Minister averaged 4.3 percent. That’s a lie. In fact it was much lower at 2.3 percent.

Rabuka lied again when he said that he had the highest growth rate of 8.4 percent in 1998. The actual growth rate was just 1.3 percent. In fact the economy contracted by a huge 6.4 percent in 1987 because of Rabuka – the largest contraction in Fiji’s history.

He is also misleading you on government debt. When he was Prime Minister in 1997, the debt was almost 54 percent of GDP. Today its 47 percent of GDP which is 7 per cent less. It would have been 42 percent if we had not spent half a billion dollars on TC Winston and the recent natural disasters.

The Opposition is comparing debt between 1970 to 2006 and the past 12 years. That’s not right. You cannot take $1 million debt in 1970 and say it’s the same $1m in 2018.

Under Rabuka we lost the National Bank of Fiji and you taxpayers are still paying for this.

Under Rabuka and the SDL Governments our FNPF almost collapsed. That means your savings would have gone down the drain.

They say cost of living is going up in the country. Can Biman and Rabuka name 3 countries where cost of living is not going up? To help families, we give free education, free medicine, bus fare, subsidized electricity and water, pension for our elderly, social welfare, and now we pay insurance for all civil servants, RFMF, police, prisons and social welfare recipients. Our unemployment rate is at a 20 year low.

Because of Rabuka the RBF had to devalue the Fiji dollar twice and by 20 percent again in 1998. Because of Rabuka the Fijian dollar lost 50 percent of its value and we are still paying the price. Because of this devaluation the cost of goods went up and our foreign reserves depleted.

Our Foreign reserves reached a record of $2.45 billion last year.

Fiji is only the 3rd country in the world to issue Green Bonds. Our finances are managed well, that is why we were allowed to list on the London Stock Exchange. We are also the first country to do so. The global community has placed trust in Fiji to lead the world in fighting global climate change. This type of world recognition is a big deal for a small country like ours.

Do you want to risk all we’ve worked hard to achieve in exchange for opposition’s lies and their empty promises?

My vision for Fiji has and will always be for a successful and healthy nation that offers stability, peace, security and a lot of good benefits for all our people.

Our Government has always delivered. For the next 4 years, my vision for Fiji is to help our country grow even more and ensure that we distribute the fruits of our success to all our people. FijiFirst has always delivered and given you the benefits that you need.

SODELPA and NFP, I ask you to immediately stop all this old style of politics because FijiFirst is a party for everyone in our country no matter who or where we are. Our actions speak louder than your hollow words.

We develop! We deliver! We work together as one nation. We are a party that puts Fiji first and we have achieved so much more than what we promised for all Fijians. We have done a lot and we promise to do even more! Only FijiFirst can create an even better future for Fiji and all Fijians.

Help me to continue to build a better Fiji and vote 688! Vinaka.

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FijiFirst Leader Opens New Health Center Thu, 01 Nov 2018 13:29:37 +0000 ]]> FijiFirst Leader and PM Frank Bainimarama today opened the new Nakasi Health Centre.

The new Nakasi Health Centre will benefit tens of thousands of Fijians who will utilise its services which includes many neighbouring communities who visit the facility –– extending from Narere and Makoi to Lokia, Davuilevu, Wainbuku and Waila.

While opening the facility Frank Bainimarama reiterated that the government will continue to take a holistic approach to overhauling medical care in Fiji.

“My Government’s approach to overhauling medical care in Fiji is holistic, and it starts with making sure we have the necessary staff and equipment to fill these walls with the tools that Fijians need to live longer, healthier lives.”

“And we are looking outside the box to continue this momentum and provide the best and most affordable care to Fijian families.

We are currently pursuing public-private partnerships to find international partners to upgrade the Ba and Lautoka Hospitals to world-class facilities that provide new and complicated treatments like open heart surgeries –– which Fijians used to have to travel abroad to receive –– right here in Fiji, all at no additional cost to patients.” FijiFirst Leader.

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FijiFirst Leader Opens Rotuma Airport Tue, 30 Oct 2018 13:24:28 +0000 ]]> FijiFirst Leader and PM Frank Bainimarama today opened the sealed Rotuma Airport.

As the Island came to a standstill, truckloads of men, women, students and children came to the site of the airport to witness what would open a new world of opportunity for the islanders.

The Newly opened sealed-runway means Rotuma will now be able to cater for ATR aircrafts increasing passenger and cargo capacity by nearly ten times than it used to.

Speaking at the opening, FijiFirst Leader highlighted that Government remained committed to sharing national wealth equally and infrastructure development such as improved airports, jetties, roads and hospitals are at the heart of these developments.

He also held a talanoa session with Rotumans on the Island before meeting with civil servants serving there.

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FijiFirst Leader Presents Drua Team Jersey For Final Fri, 26 Oct 2018 13:17:37 +0000 ]]> FijiFirst Leader and PM today conducted the Jersey presentation for the Fiji Airways Drua team for the final of the National Rugby Championship (NRC) to be held against the Queensland Country side in Lautoka.

Speaking at the presentation in Nadi, he said the team had won many fans in their campaign in the NRC.

“The Fijian people are already happy with your performance thus far, however, your fellow Fijians expect nothing less than a win,” he told the players.

“You have prepared well and go out there and make your families, your villages, communities, district and the nation proud.”

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FijiFirst General Secretary Relocates Family Tue, 23 Oct 2018 13:13:15 +0000 ]]> FijiFirst General Secretary announced the relocation of over 300 families living in the informal settlements of Nanuku and Veidogo in Vatuwaqa to resettle in Makoi.

“Through meetings with the squatter settlers, the Bhindi family has agreed to develop a site in Makoi at a cost of $12 million dollars to relocate the families and give them blocks of land which they will be entitled to have under their own name under a 99 year lease,” he said.

“They have been working with the iTaukei Land Trust Board and we are happy to announce that the area will have proper water, electricity, roads and garbage collection as part of the development.”

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FijiFirst Leader at Fiji Day Celebrations in Sydney Mon, 22 Oct 2018 12:58:45 +0000 ]]> “Our identity, as Fijians, is not defined by our ethnicity, nor is it defined by our religion but by the love of our country and our love of one another, and that is why we celebrate Fiji Day.”

These are the sentiments of our FijiFirst Leader at the Fiji Day Celebrations.

“I’ve met with Fijians who have been separated from our country for almost an entire generation, but even after those long decades overseas, they are filled with concern and questions about what’s happening back in Fiji.

And they are often brought to tears, when I’m able to tell them how well our country has been doing.” said the FijiFirst Leader and PM.

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FijiFirst Leader Opens Fiji Consulate General. Mon, 22 Oct 2018 01:36:56 +0000 ]]> FijiFirst Leader Frank Bainimarama opened the Fiji Consulate General and Trade Commission Office.

FijiFirst Leader while speaking at the event said that the opening of the Fiji Trade Office is a recognition of the growing strength of Fiji’s relationship with Australia.

“We’re leaving old disagreements in the past, where they belong and we’re writing a new chapter in our partnership – putting Fiji and Australia in a position to take our cooperation to historic heights, particularly when it comes to opening up new and greater flows of trade and investment,” said Frank Bainimarama.

The FijiFirst Leader added that Fiji remains a favored destination for Aussie tourists, with tourism earnings from the Australian market achieving a historic high last year of nearly one billion Fijian dollars.

“Our two-way trade is steadily on the rise, as the Fijian economy has soared to a record nine straight years of economic growth, and confidence in Fiji is sky-high as seen in the nearly half a billion dollars’ worth of Australian investment into our country last year,”said the FijiFirst Leader.

The office will also offer consular services to the 100,000 Fijians who live in Australia, majority of which reside in New South Wales.



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FijiFirst Leader Holds Bilateral With Australian PM Mon, 22 Oct 2018 01:08:16 +0000 ]]> FijiFirst Leader Frank Bainimarama today held a bilateral meeting with his Australian counterpart Hon. Scott Morrison.

Frank Bainimarama celebrated Fiji Day with the Fijian Community in Liverpool on Saturday 20th October 2018.


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FijiFirst Leader Officiates at WOWS dinner Sat, 20 Oct 2018 04:29:15 +0000 ]]> “WOWS Kids Fiji is a charity that I am extremely passionate about; it holds a very special place in both my heart and that of my wife, Mary.” These are words of the FijiFirst Leader Voreqe Bainimarama at the WOWs Kids Caring for Children with Cancer in Fiji Dinner held in Sydney, Australia.

The charity is inspired by the memory of a little girl, Tae Kami, who called both Fiji and Tonga her home and tragically lost her battle with cancer at the young age of 15. The PM also highlighted that the Fijian Government are erecting and upgrading medical facilities and schools, by building new roads, jetties and bridges, and by fostering modern IT development, telecommunications, and other new-age industries, we are bringing Fiji into the fold of a developed and dynamic 21st-century economy. #Fiji #FijiNews

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FijiFirst Leader Opens New MSAF Office Tue, 09 Oct 2018 07:39:50 +0000 ]]> The FijiFrst Leader  Voreqe Bainimarama officiated at the opening of the newly renovated Maritime and Safety Authority of Fiji (MSAF) office. The new office is set to boost Maritime and Safety Authority of Fiji (MSAF) operations in the North.

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