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FIJI signed a Resilience Project Agreement with the Food and Agricultural Organisation that will see the delivery of food security initiatives through a funding of $7million provided by the European Union. The Ministry of Agriculture and FAO will implement the “Strengthening Climate Resilience of Communities for Food and Nutrition Security” project, which entails initiatives aiming at addressing food and nutrition insecurity in countries and regions prone to El Nino induced vulnerability. Minister for Agriculture, Rural and Maritime Development, NDMO and Meteorological Services, Hon. Inia Seruiratu, speaking after the signing ceremony in Nadi today, said Fiji, as a responsible country, is doing its best in its mitigation efforts by reducing greenhouse gas emission. However, he said, seeing the situation the country was faced with, the Government was also advocating on the need for adaptation and resilience. “It is not only in terms of infrastructure, human capacity and development, most importantly resilience in the agricultural sector as well- we all understand the demand to feed our people,” said Minister Seruiratu. Fiji, he adds values the partnership and the technical expertise that will be provided by FAO and the EU through the project and more broadly the commitment and leadership in the fight against global warming.

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