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Fiji has always valued and respected its relations with India and attributes great value to the bi-lateral relations that exists between the two nations.

These were the sentiments of the Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism, Lands and Mineral Resources Hon. Faiyaz Koya while officiating at the Namaste Pasifika Festival of India in Suva this evening.

“With India, being the world’s biggest democracy and with your increasing influence in global affairs, Fiji looks to India for leadership on the great issues of our time,” Minister Koya said.

“Moreover, Fiji is appreciative of the many forms of assistance that we have received from the Government of India and the goodwill your country has shown towards us.”

“Fiji also looks forward to strengthening our already close bilateral ties and exploring new avenues of cooperation. There are a number of areas that we believe offer opportunities for our nations to collaborate further on and this includes economic cooperation, energy, healthcare, defence and building resilience against natural disasters – to name a few.”

Indian High Commissioner to Fiji Vishvas Sapkal also acknowledged the Fijian Government for their support.

Namaste Pasifika: A Festival of India is a celebration of the rich and diverse Indian culture in its art, music, folklore and mythology.


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