FijiFirst Leader Opens New Health Center

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FijiFirst Leader and PM Frank Bainimarama today opened the new Nakasi Health Centre.

The new Nakasi Health Centre will benefit tens of thousands of Fijians who will utilise its services which includes many neighbouring communities who visit the facility –– extending from Narere and Makoi to Lokia, Davuilevu, Wainbuku and Waila.

While opening the facility Frank Bainimarama reiterated that the government will continue to take a holistic approach to overhauling medical care in Fiji.

“My Government’s approach to overhauling medical care in Fiji is holistic, and it starts with making sure we have the necessary staff and equipment to fill these walls with the tools that Fijians need to live longer, healthier lives.”

“And we are looking outside the box to continue this momentum and provide the best and most affordable care to Fijian families.

We are currently pursuing public-private partnerships to find international partners to upgrade the Ba and Lautoka Hospitals to world-class facilities that provide new and complicated treatments like open heart surgeries –– which Fijians used to have to travel abroad to receive –– right here in Fiji, all at no additional cost to patients.” FijiFirst Leader.

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