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1. Under the Fijian Constitution, you can only change it if if three quarters of the members of Parliament, and three quarters of the registered voters agree to a change. This is the first time that the Fijian people will have a direct say and control over the provisions of the Constitution. (Section 159 and 160)

2. This procedure for amending the Constitution must be followed by all the elected members of Parliament, no matter who wins the election in September.

3. So for SODELPA and other political parties to speak about changing the Constitution after the election ignores the fact that a very careful and detailed process will have to be undertaken with the involvement of all Fijians.

4. We are all bound to uphold the Constitution: the Military, the Judiciary, the Executive, the Parliament, all Public Offices and the Private Sector. Just because a person becomes a member of Parliament, it does not give them the authority to change the supreme law of our land.
(Section 2 and 6)

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