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SODELPA  and other political parties say that they do not recognize the Constitution and that if elected they would immediately seek to re-impose the 1997 Constitution.

FACT: The Fijian Constitution contains more protections and rights for the Fijian people than any other constitution in Fiji’s history.

Unlike any previous constitution, it upholds the legal and moral basis of a common and equal citizenry without denying anyone’s individuality or culture. It enshrines principles that are at the heart of all the world’s great democracies – an independent judiciary, a secular state and a wide range of civil, political and socio-economic rights.

For the first time, ordinary people now enjoy guarantees of free education, adequate housing and health care, social security, clean water and protection of the environment. They also have a right to economic participation and just minimum wages.

Also for the first time, the Constitution protects the rights of disabled Fijians.

The Constitution recognizes the iTaukei, Rotuman and Banaban peoples of Fiji and their customary practices; and ensures unprecedented protection of their land rights; ensures unprecedented protection for the rights of tenants; demands accountability and transparency from Government officials; creates strong and independent institutions such as FICAC; and replaces our the old biased electoral system with one based on the principle of one person, one vote, one value.

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