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The Office of the Prime Minister will continue to enable rural Fijians to have access to quality infrastructure and services.

This follows the signings of agreements with Telecom Fiji Limited to provide the schools with easy access to internet and telecommunications services.

Office of the Prime Minister Deputy Secretary Sakeasi Waikere said based on the geographical location, the schools face difficulty in accessing internet and telecommunications services.

“The installation of the VSAT system will provide students access to internet to undertake research and assist them with their projects.

“This will also contribute to the improvement of their knowledge and skills .”

“The projects will assist those who are underprivileged and the needy largely targeting children.

Five schools from the province of Cakaudrove ( Saqani High School, Napuka Secondary School, Tunuloa Catholic School, Nakobo District School) , 3 schools from the Macuata province ( Namuka District School, Domonisavu Primary School, Kia District School) and one school from the province of Bua ( Kubulau District School) will receive VSAT packages.


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