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“Let us celebrate our common goals more than the differences that we have.”

Those were the words of Minister for Health and Medical Services, Hon. Rosy Akbar while officiating at the Chinese New Year Celebration which was held at the China Cultural Centre in Suva.

“This occasion is for further re-union and renewal of friendship. It symbolizes harmony and good wishes. I bring to our Chinese friends here in Fiji and across the globe, the best wishes of the Fijian Government,” the Minister said.

The Health Minister adds that in Fiji celebrations such as these provide an opportunity to demonstrate the richness of the Chinese culture and to promote multi-cultural harmony and diversity amongst all our communities who are known and recognized through a common identity of being called Fijians.

“It is in this spirit of harmony that the bilateral friendly relationship between Fiji and China has grown even closer than ever. We have witnessed the extension of relations between our two countries in an effort to strengthen understanding , friendship and bilateral cooperation through people to people programs and activities. We have also seen more Chinese companies and businesses striving in areas of social and economic development in Fiji,” Health Minister said.

This year is celebrated as the Year of the Dog which is the symbol of loyalty and honesty.

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