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In order to intensify awareness about the need for more Fijians to be
responsible for their health, the Minister for Health and Medical Services Honorable Rosy Akbar today launched the Courts & Sports World Health and Fitness Program.

Hon Akbar highlighted that the program is running for the second year and is of great significance in terms of advocating healthy lifestyles amongst all our fellow Fijians. This is through promoting national awareness on the need for the consolidated effort to fight the increasing rate of non-communicable diseases. She also stressed that communicable diseases are causing a threat to lifestyles of Fijians as well.

She says there will be provisions of free medical screenings, healthy eating and fitness tips provided at various Courts and Sports Worlds locations during their weekly outdoor broadcasts.

The Minister added that members of the public will also be given the
opportunity to participate in fun runs organized next month.

She also encouraged the members of the public to have regular screenings and testings and to visit the hospitals and health centers to ensure they know their status of health. The Minister also highlighted that the Ministry spent close to a million dollars last year to send about 106 patients overseas
treatment for highly risk cardiac surgeries.

Meanwhile, the National Advisor for NCD Dr. Isimeli Tukana also gave healthy lifestyle messages.


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