Improving Service Delivery To The Itauke …

Improving Service Delivery To The Itauke …

At its meeting on 21 July 2022, the iTaukei Board reaffirmed its commitment to strengthen governance and accountability mechanisms, transparency, improve systems and processes to ensure a more efficient and vibrant service delivery to iTaukei communities.

Chairperson of the Board, Mr. Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama reiterated this after attending eleven Provincial Council meetings. “The iTaukei Affairs Board and its machinery must continue to be responsive, and effectively engage with the wider community. It has a significant role to play in community development”, said Mr. Bainimarama.

“A list of issues were raised at the Provincial Council meetings and iTaukei Affairs must support the whole of Government approach to addressing them”, added Mr. Bainimarama.

The Board consolidated its visibility in the Nadarivatu area by endorsing the required infrastructure development to service the iTaukei communities from Naitasiri, Ra, Ba and Nadroga who converge in Nadarivau. Nadarivatu is a melting center and a long term commercial opportunity will be explored with potential partners.

The Board also committed itself to exploring investment pathways that would benefit the Provincial Councils. In this regard, existing mechanisms will be explored.

In a significant development, the Board endorsed the Village Guideline. This guideline will assist with the management of villages in view of recent global developments including the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change. The guideline is aligned to Fiji’s existing laws.

The Board further acknowledged the Government’s initiatives to streamline land administration and management making it more efficient. In support of this, the Board endorsed 3-year Eastern Division survey strategy to complete the survey of un-surveyed iTaukei lands in Kadavu and Koro before work commences in Vanuabalavu.

The Board also underscored the significance of language and culture to sustainable development and endorsed the development of a plan of action to guide its work.

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