Infrastructure Development

FijiFirst Government  has consistently utilised the operating surplus and combined it with smart financing to invest in capital expenditures, such as national infrastructure projects: roads, bridges, jetties, runways and more. We have made significant investments to provide top-notch infrastructural solutions to the Fijian population. Some of the notable developments made include:

Over $4 billion spent since 2007 to improve and modernise our roads, bridges and jetties – more than three times the amount spent from 1970-2006.

New four lane roads to better manage traffic from Suva to Nausori Airport and Denarau to Nadi Airport.

New-tar sealed roads in Nabouwalu-Dreketi, Sawani-Serea, Buca Bay, Moto Road.

Street light projects in front of villages, settlements, schools, health centres, densely populated areas and major junctions.

Significant investments in footpaths in densely populated areas for safety and convenience.

A Nadi to Lautoka four-lane road that is in preliminary stages.

90 per cent of all Fijians have access to electricity through the massive Rural Electrification Programme.

78 per cent of all Fijians have access to clean and safe water in adequate quantities.

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