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Minister for Local Government, Housing, Environment, Infrastructure and Transport Hon. Parveen Kumar Bala today visited some of the flood affected areas in Ba. While in Elevuka, Ba Minister Bala distributed 13 mattresses for affected families as most of them had lost their household belongings in the recent floods during Tropical Cyclone Josie and Keni. Minister Bala said Elevuka was one of the worst affected areas as it is right beside the Ba River. “While the food ration distribution by Government, other NGOs and religious organisations continue, we also want to assist with household belongings such as mattresses and beddings and mattresses,” Minister Bala said. Minister Bala also thanked NGOs and religious organisations for preparing and distributing cooked food for affected families in the area. He said most of the families lost their stoves, utensils and other kitchen items in the floods; thus it was best to assist them with cooked meals. Elevuka resident, 55 year old Parvindra Kumar thanked Government and other organisations and individuals for assisting them in these trying times. He said about 25 houses in the area were flooded during the height of TC Josie and Keni. Meanwhile, Minister Ba also visited and distributed food rations and mattresses at Navatu and Maururu in Ba this afternoon.

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