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“Make it your priority to get tested for prostate cancer.”

This was the message by the Minister for Industry, Trade, Tourism, Lands and Mineral Resources, Hon. Faiyaz Koya while closing the “Movember Campaign” this afternoon.

While speaking to staff from the Ministry of Lands and Mineral Resources and the Ministry of Industry Trade and Tourism, Minister Koya highlighted the importance of learning more about the disease.

“We need to think of our families and only when you get tested then you will know of the disease. Encourage your uncles, brothers and male relatives to get tested,” Minister Koya said.

He said prostate cancer must be taken seriously as it poses real threats to the livelihoods of our men, women, children and their families.

“Cancer does not only affect one person but the whole family and it is very important that everyone gets tested and fight cancer.”

During the “Movember Campaign” both ministries collected $6,400 that will be part of their contribution to the Cancer Society.

Also donating to the charity event was the Fijian Competition Consumer Commission that contributed $4000.

He also encouraged men to not be afraid to get checkups for early detection and have healthier lifestyle choices.


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