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THE launch of the Maritime Technology Cooperation Centre – Pacific will ensure that action is taken by stakeholders to assist with the transition towards “green shipping”.

This was highlighted by the Minister for Forest Hon Osea Naiqamu while officiating at the launch this morning.

Minister Naiqamu said that Fiji needs strong partnerships with the private sector, with the maritime industry, the support from our regional partners and international organisations.

Minister Naiqamu added that collaborative approach and technology transfer has been at the heart of the discussions and the engagement of Fiji ship-owners makes us confident in our ability to manage the transition.

“The approach of Fiji ports on energy management is also a perfect example of the possible immediate actions to transition towards greener ports in the Pacific,” Minister Naiqamu said.

“Since the MTCC-Pacific is a centre established for the region I would also like to take the opportunity to thank other Pacific Island countries that have taken the initiative to lead in promoting the reduction of GHG emissions from international shipping at the national level with the support of our regional partners.”

International Maritime Organisation deputy director Mr Aubrey Botsford has commended the Fijian Government for supporting this sort of initiatives.


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