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Fijian Minister for Local Government, Housing, Environment, Infrastructure and Transport, Honorable Parveen Kumar Bala officiated as chief guest at the inauguration of Natural Gift Carriers Limited (NGCL) block manufacturing plant at Vunimoli, Labasa.

NGCL acknowledged government for making trade with China easy, allowing the company to secure the block making machines with custom made within 60 days to be delivered and installed by the engineer from China.

Minister. Bala said this is the basis foundation of the commercial economy in Fiji.

“This will surely add to the overall production capacity of an important part of the building industry given the current short falls, this will provide enough blocks for commercial and domestic use here in the Northern Division,” said Hon. Bala.

“I strongly believe government has provided the incentives, through TAX cuts and generally doing the ease of doing businesses to enable companies like NGCL to grow Fiji.”


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