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Minister for Local Government, Housing, Environment, Infrastructure and Transport, Hon. Parveen Kumar Bala today officiated at the opening of the Vunisinu Sustainable Housing and Income Generation Project office and warehouse in Vunisinu Village, Rewa.

The new warehouse will complement the eight poultry sheds funded by the Ministry of Local Government, Housing and Environment that is managed and operated by the eight mataqalis of Vunisinu and Nalase Village.

Minister Bala said the Vunisinu Project is one of nine Sustainable Housing and Income Generation Project that the ministry has implemented through proper and sustainable use of land resource with planned and prudent funded livelihood programmes.

“This is in order to improve the deteriorating socio-economic, health and physical living condition and minimize rural-urban migration and reduce in-discriminant growth in informal and squatter settlements within the towns and peri urban areas,” Minister Bala said.

Since the inception of the project in 2016, Government has provided $113, 804 for the construction of eight poultry sheds with a total of 800 layers including poultry feeds as well as financial, business and poultry farm management training.

The project will benefit close to 350 people in the two villages of Vunisinu and Nalase.

Minister Bala assured the villagers of Government’s support and urged them to work together in expanding the project.


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