Mission & Vision


To serve the best interests of Fijians by putting Fiji first and upholding the rights, freedoms, and dignity of all Fijians.

Ideology will not hold us back. Instead, we are dedicated to keeping a flexible approach to developing creative solutions to Fiji’s problems while remaining true to our ideals.

With a long-term vision for national development, we don’t just solve problems today but also lay the foundation for a successful future.


The mission of FijiFirst is to build a just and fair society where the benefits of progress include everyone. FijiFirst’s core values will remain constant. FijiFirst reaffirms its ideals to successfully govern and transform Fiji into a modern nation-state and cement its position as the leading Pacific Island nation.

Our Objectives

  1. To uphold and implement the Fijian Constitution.
  2. To sponsor programmes for the dissemination and adoption by Fijians of the Core Values and Attributes of FijiFirst.
  3. To serve the best interests of Fijians by putting Fiji first.
  4. To uphold the rights, freedom and dignity of all Fijians.
  5. To preserve, protect and defend the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Fiji.
  6. To promote and foster common and equal citizenry.
  7. To safeguard the freedom and advance the well-being of Fijians through a representative and democratic government.
  8. To forge a nation of proud Fijians: to build a fair, just, and inclusive society; and to bind them together by patriotism, honour, dedication and commitment to Fiji.
  9. To build a dynamic society which is disciplined and self-reliant, and in which rewards are accorded to each Fijian’s performance and contribution to society.
  10. To create a society where there is compassion and action for the less fortunate.
  1. To create conditions for self-reliance and entrepreneurship, and empower Fijians to take advantage of these opportunities.
  2. To foster, support and promote the values of healthy competition, self-sufficiency and free enterprise.
  3. To achieve the optimum in economic development, and social and cultural fulfilment.
  4. To safeguard our environment to have the natural world protected for the benefit of present and future generations.
  5. To encourage the participation of Fijian workers as partners together with business and government in fostering economic growth and development of Fiji.
  6. To foster an environment for healthy economic growth in which workers have the best prospects for employment, earning sustainable wages, and lifting living standards.
  7. To honour men and women who have sacrificed their lives in the service of their nation.
  8. To provide the best opportunities for all Fijians to achieve their maximum potential through education and training so that there will be a place and role for every Fijian.
FijiFirst Manifesto

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