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Attorney-General and Minister for Economy, Hon. Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum today officiated at the dividend presentation and bonus payout by the Fiji Ports Group at the Muaiwalu House, Walu Bay in Suva.

A total dividend of $16,082,198 for 2016 has been paid out to the three shareholders – Government, Fiji National Provident Fund (FNPF) and Aitken Spence.

Government received a dividend of $6,593,701 and FNPF received $6,272,057 while Aitken Spence received a dividend of $3,216,440.

The dividend payout for 2016 represented 217 per cent increase from 2015 dividend payout level of $5,070,630.

The A-G also announced a bonus payout of more than $256,000 for 214 employees of Fiji Ports Corporation Limited (FPCL) and its subsidiary company, Fiji Ships and Heavy Industries Limited (FSHIL).

The A-G said the bonus for the 2016 financial year was for established salaried staff and casual workers based on assessment of individual key performance indicators in line with the company’s Performance Management System framework.

He said for FPCL, 63 support staff will receive $300 as bonus, 58 staff will get 7.5 per cent of their base salary as bonus, eight staff will receive 10 per cent of their base salary as bonus and nine staff will get 15 per cent of their base salary as bonus.

For FSHIL, 15 contract staff will be paid a bonus of $17,676.99, 33 permanent staff will receive $18,322.30, six apprentice staff will be paid $2,827.97 as bonus while 22 project staff will receive a bonus of $9701.26.

The A-G thanked the board, management and staff of FPCL and FSHIL for their continued efforts, hard work, dedication and commitment to improving the services provided by the organisations.

The Fiji Ports Group recorded a significant profit after tax of $26,254,954 which almost doubled 2015’s figures of $13,577,091.


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