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Attorney General and Minister for Justice, Honourable Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum has commended on the quality of discussions in the Attorney General’s Conference in the last four to five years which has improved significantly.

During the closing remarks at the 19th Attorney General’s Conference 2017, he thanked the delegates for their participation in the last two days.

“The Attorney General Conference has been running for quite a number of years now and indeed has become a Premier Conference as far as discussing not only legal issues directly but also socio-economic issues that actually affect the making of laws and indeed the formulation of laws. And also being to question laws that currently exist and laws that need to be introduced in Fiji,” Hon. Sayed-Khaiyum said.

The AG also gave a summary of the penal discussions that took place over the past two days. He highlighted on a number of significant changes in the two major laws that have been brought about in parliament this year. One of the laws discussed in the Conference was the Accident Compensation Act that has been put in place.

“The actual Commission’s work commences on the 1st of January. We understand the Commission has selected a new CEO which the Commission will announce in the couple of weeks and the compensation actually will be paid out through the Commission from 1st of January,” the AG added.

The AG also stressed to regulate the use of cyber space and also raised concern on people making negative remarks about the Attorney General’s Conference on social media, however, there is currently no law in Fiji to take action against the people concerned.


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