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More than 70 households in the province of Naitasiri today celebrated early Christmas following the commissioning of the Rural Electrification Project for two villages and three settlements.

Minister for Local Government, Housing, Environment, Infrastructure and Transport Hon. Parveen Kumar Bala officiated at the commissioning of the projects for 72 households of Naitauvoli and Nuku villages, as well as Drauleba, Naseveve and Wainabua settlements at Naitauvoli Village.

The project, completed at a cost of $455,000 will benefit about 300 Fijians 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Minister Bala said Government is committed to providing reliable and sustainable power supply to all Fijians.

“No more benzene, no more kerosene and no more generators,” Minister Bala said.

“This also means the villagers no longer have to worry about repair and maintenance of generators. The villages will also save on the purchasing of diesel.”

Minister Bala said this was part of Government’s vision of a modern and dynamic Fiji through building resilient infrastructure such as telecommunication, access to clean and safe water, building new and better roads and giving Fijians access to electricity.

Minister Bala also highlighted that the communities’ 5 per cent contribution for the rural electrification programme was refunded.

“Out of the total cost of the project, your community had paid $20,157. I was informed that the Office of the Prime Minister had assisted with your contribution and paid $4736. Your contribution has been refunded, which will relief the burden on individual households.”

Minister Bala encouraged the communities to use the rural electrification project to better their lives, remain prosperous and productive.


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