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“Work hard and play straight” was the advice given by Minister for Industry, Trade, Tourism, Lands and Mineral Resources Hon. Faiyaz Siddiq Koya to the young students of Bethel Crusade Preschool during their annual graduation ceremony in Nasinu today.

Minister Koya officiated as chief guest at the event where 73 kindergarten graduates received certificates and presents for their hard work throughout the year.

He highlighted on the need for parents and teachers to equip children with life-long skills to prepare them for adulthood.

“It is our collective responsibility to guide and mold the leaders of tomorrow, for it is them, that the future will have to depend on,” Minister Koya said.

“Our children are the key to a better and peaceful nation, if they are taught well.”

He urged the young students to “keep the memory of the past year in your mind and never forget what is possible when you love learning and let your curiosity lead your way”.

Meanwhile, the graduation ceremony today saw the largest number of students graduating since the establishment of Bethel Crusade Preschool in 1994.


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