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The Hon. Prime Minister and Minister for iTaukei Voreqe Bainimarama presented mahogany licences to 13 new licence holders today.

As he handed out the licence, Prime Minister Bainimarama said the Government through the Mahogany Industry Development Act 2010 and the Mahogany Industry (Licensing and Branding) Act 2011 changed the course of the mahogany industry.

He said through these laws, the Government had made it more responsive to the needs of ordinary Fijians and placed it in a position to not only promote the brand Fiji Pure Mahogany worldwide which attracts premium pricing but ensures sustainability of the industry through its reforestation measures.

Prime Minister Bainimarama said these laws mandated a comprehensive licensing and branding regime and inculcated transparency and efficiency which was non-existent previously.

“Fiji Pure Mahogany enjoys a strong international reputation. Fiji Pure Mahogany is a strong brand, and Fiji is considered a good place to do business in sustainable hardwoods.”

“Under the reforms undertaken by Government there were seven key objectives: sustainability, value-adding, fair return to landowners, upholding the interests of Fiji, quality assurance, certification and branding.”

Prime Minister Bainimarama adds that as a result of these reforms, the Government has been able to successfully reduce Fiji Hardwood Corporation Limited’s debt from over $20 million in 2008 to about $6 million now.

Prime Minister Bainimarama has urged the new licence holders to follow the transparent licensing processes under the law.

To read the PM’s full remarks at the presentation, click here.


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