Official call for Candidates for Fijian General Elections 2018

 In 2018 elections

We want you if you are committed to the FijiFirst ideals, have integrity, believe in a modern inclusive Fiji and are committed to working hard to continue our success towards an equal, transparent, fair and united Fiji for all Fijians.

All aspiring FijiFirst candidates for the Fijian General Elections 2018 who had sent in their expressions of interest earlier need to apply through this official process.
FijiFirst encourages Fijians of all walks of life to apply.
All applications will be treated in confidence.

Please note - candidates for election to Parliament must:

1.(a) be a citizen of Fiji, and not hold citizenship of any other country;
(b) be registered on the Register of Voters;
(c) be ordinarily resident in Fiji for at least 2 years immediately before being nominated;
(d) not be an undischarged bankrupt;
(e) not be a member of the Electoral Commission, and not been a member of that Commission at any time during the 4 years immediately before being nominated;
(f) not be subject to a sentence of imprisonment when nominated;
(g) not, at any time during the 8 years immediately before being nominated, been convicted of any offence under any law for which the maximum penalty is a term of imprisonment of 12 months or more; and
(h) not have been found guilty of any offence under a law relating to elections, registration of political parties or registration of voters.
2. Candidates who are public officers which also includes civil servants, board members of state owned entities, statutory bodies and trade union officials, will be deemed to have vacated that office at the time his or her signed nomination as a candidate for election to Parliament is delivered.

Submission Guidelines

‘2018 Candidate Application’ General Secretary, FijiFirst

96 Brown Street,
Government Office
2nd Floor, Government Buildings, Suva
PO Box 555,

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