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Geographical Information Systems (GIS) specialists from around the region have been urged to work together to discover innovative ways that would foster geospatial solutions.

This was highlighted by the Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism, Lands and Mineral Resources Hon Faiyaz Siddiq Koya at the opening of the Pacific Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing conference held at the USP Japan ICT centre.

Minister Koya said given our geographical location, environment and challenges, as experts we need to work together to utilise the available resources to share information on mapping and geographical information.

“Given the wide spread of our small population over vast areas and oceans, it is sometimes difficult for image data providers, software providers and hardware providers to visit users in remote islands,” Minister Koya said.

“Therefore, coming together under one roof, such as at this annual Conference, provides a nexus point for buyers and sellers to also converge and discuss ideas.”

Minister Koya added that the field of GIS and Remote Sensing is critical for our island nations, our development and our growth – particularly in a climate uncertain world.

The one-week conference has attracted close to 100 participants with the aim of sharing information in the areas of geospatial.


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