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While many children are still tucked in their beds in the early hours of the morning, Alokh Vikash is already out in the sugarcane farm helping his dad.

He is the eldest of three siblings and his family has been living in Tunalia Settlement, Nadi for more than 40 years.

But last Wednesday, the 13-year-old couldn’t hold back his tears when he was given the Dux Award of Hindu Mahasa­bha School in Marasa, Nadi. Alokh was also given the Maths Wizard Award, Language Award, Best Attendance, Top Sci­ence Award and Best Male Scout Award.

“In my family we don’t have much but I try my best in every way possible to help my parents out, I usually wake up at around 5am to help my dad and then read my books while I wait for my mum to prepare breakfast,” he added.

One of the major challenges he faced was studying under a kerosene lamp, but Alokh said he was content with what his family was able to afford. With tears in his eyes, he thanked his parents for their sacrifice.

“Solving math problems under dim light, trust me it’s not easy. I want to thank my mother for always waking up early in the morning to make breakfast and prepare lunch, she is our motivation and my dad for spending long hours at the farm just to earn money for us,” he added.

His mother 40-year-old, Anjula Devi described her son as a hardworking boy.

“I am just proud of him , to be honest with you he is a very hardworking boy, every morning he helps his dad before go­ing to school, even after school too.

“As mothers we have an important role in our children’s education, we should always make sure that they are well prepared for another school day,” she added.

Alokh aimed to become an agricultural scientist in the fu­ture and make his parents proud.


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