Subsidy – Setup Costs For Establishing …

Subsidy – Setup Costs For Establishing …

To bring the life-saving services of doctors closer to the Fijian people, Government has allocated a sum of $200,000 in the Revised 2021-2022 Budget to incentivise Private General Practitioners (“GPs”) to establish new clinics in densely populated peri-urban and rural areas such as but not limited to Nawaicoba, Malolo, Naidovi, Drasa, Sabeto, Seagaga, Dreketi, Nasarawaga, Korolevu and Pacific Harbour.

New clinics in these communities will grant faster and easier access to the services made available to the public through the “Free GP. Scheme” launched last year.

Under the scheme, government directly subsides GPs to setup and operate medical clinics in densely populated peri-urban and rural areas. It has long been the commitment of government to enlist the private sector in delivering high quality healthcare to the Fijian people – including through the decentralization of selected clinical services.

Under this initiative, GPs can receive a grant up to $10,000 (depending on the locality) towards the start-up costs (purchase of medical equipment, rental including any internal fit-outs, purchase of office computer, printer and other office essentials) of a new clinic.

Application forms to-apply for the assistance including the detailed guideline will be made available online at:

All required documents stipulated in the application form and the guideline must be provided.

For further clarification, please contact Mr. Kamal Gounder on phone: 9906974 or email:  or Mr. Laurie Singh on phone: 9981776 or email:

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