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Bijma Wati Ji expresses her gratitude to FijiFirst for the Social Welfare Scheme. She is the beneficiary of the Social Welfare Scheme, a means of support for her livelihood.

FijiFirst = Leadership, Stability, and Transparency! #Vote234

I will be voting for FijiFirst because of its leadership, stability and transparency. Vote 234 for the betterment of our country, for the betterment of our children in the future.


Vote for FijiFiirst. I am voting for FijiFirst because of my children’s future, for the education. Vote two, three, four.

Good afternoon to everyone in Fiji. If you want to pick a party, you must pick FijiFirst because they’ve done a lot for the landowners, for the children, for everyone helping our businesses and has helped a lot with the children, our future. If you need any help, just speak to FijiFirst. They can help. Has anyone done helping the elderly? You have to pick FijiFirst. Pick Two, three, four. Pick Two, three, four. Pick Bainimarama, if you want to pick anybody, you must pick FijiFirst. I thank you for that. I want to thank the government of the day and I want to thank Bainimarama and everyone. Thank you. FijiFirst. Two, three, four. FijiFirst = putting people first! #VOTE234

A political party that is really frowned upon is FijiFirst. This is mainly because of the gossip that is either spread by opposition or just plain ignorance. Most of the gossip we hear here in the villages is our land being taken away from the iTaukei. AND I AM HERE TO TELL YOU THAT IS A LIE. My eyes have now been opened to the truth of this movement. THIS MOVEMENT CALLED FIJIFIRST. It is now our responsibility as village elders to deliver this message, this truth, to other people about the just work of this government and I will start in my yasana, Serua. The Lord God, the Holy spirit, is now showing the truth of what is happening around us because the truth can never be trempled on. And I will say this; FijiFirst will stand again. Last elections we prayed and fasted for a good government to look after us, and the Lord gave us FijiFirst. This government/FijiFirst has done many things for the country and especially for Serua. I used to follow sodelpa but after seeing that they are not united as a party, how do expect to run this country. I will vote for FijiFirst because they are the only party that delivers on what they work for, they deliver what they promise. And I will continue to vote for FijiFirst because this is the government that looks after the welfare of all Fijians. Vinaka.

“Bula Vinaka!
My name is Trinata Kamoe. I’m a year 12 hostel student of Lelean Memorial School. I would just like to take this opportunity to thank the Fijian Government for the help that you have provided for the grant that you have given to the hostel for upgrading facilities. Through your grant, we were able to renovate the drying sheds, the hostel and also improve our roads, which is in the transportation. And I’d like to thank you also for the school bus that you have provided for the hostel girls to and from school. Through this improvement of the hostel, we are able to enjoy our hostel life as it’s been a long time. Personally, it’s my first time being a hostel student, and I didn’t know how it was like to be a hostel student. I’m thankful for this upgrade that the Government has given to the hostel. So once again, thank you Fijian Government.”

“Good afternoon. I am Maraia Naiqama from the hidden paradise of Fiji, Savusavu town. I’m so thrilled to be one of the delegates just to come and say thank you to the current Government and all its service to all the communities in Fiji. I would like to thank the Prime Minister himself. We praise the current Government for all the good and the beautiful development that has been done from Savusavu towards Taveuni side and again for the people of Tikina of Cakaudrove. We would like to thank you so much, sir, for your presence, leaving everything behind and not neglecting anybody in the community, from old people to the youngest one. And the big contribution that you have provided today for the big house, for the Tikina or Savusavu. We would like to thank you very much for undertaking all the pressure, for all the things that you have done. We know that you have contributed so much, and many are still coming. We know that we have not been neglected because your presence and even your government is the second to none. Thank you so much, Mr Banimarama.”

“I am grateful to this Government as they have taken away from us the burden of paying table fees every day. The money used to pay the fee can now be utilised to pay other expenses which help improve our services in the market and I am very grateful.” – Mr Sisa Katirewa

FijiFirst Government’s decision to waive-off market stall fees has greatly benefitted Mr Sisa Katirewa, who is a juice vendor.

“My name is Pratima Devi. I always support FijiFirst Government. They have done good things after they have been elected. They have done good things, they have given care to the people, and they have given pensions to all people 65+ of age. Also, the bus fare, school children, and tertiary education. When we were giving our children tertiary education, we had to pay out our FNPF; at the end, we received only 7,000 FNPF. We have worked for 23 years but received only that much money. But now, the government is giving scholarships to people, the TELS, they can pay the government loan after schooling. I always support the FijiFirst Government, and I am happy with this government. And I hope the coming year, they win again. Vinaka!”

“This election is very important uh because we actually have, we’re actually here uh we have actually come to a junction where the people of Fiji, especially iTaukeis, will have to use their brains instead of the emotions because we need, Fiji right now needs decisive and strong leadership. Why? Because it needs to maintain the stability that we have achieved and that we need to carry on into the future; without stability mate, we cannot progress. And our leader has proven and continues to prove that he is the one that assures stability. The other leaders, as you know, they represent in their terms that they have just given us instability, and we have felt it for a long time. We’ve lost our relative’s mate. We do not want to go back to that political environment. That’s why it’s very important for iTaukeis to make that decisive decision, political decision to vote for stability, to vote for Mr Bainimarama, just for stability, which is very important. That’s what we need right now.
Thank you very much.”

“My name is Dayanand, and I worked for 35 years in like private sector but five years as a full-time farmer. Since my salary was less so, it was very hard for me to get my children educated. When the previous government was there, my eldest son, who wanted to become a nurse, and the government gave only 2500, and it was very difficult for me as I was just getting 60 dollars a week. How can I manage to educate them? But since I had FNPF so, due to FNPF and then I had my like child educated. But when the government changed as this FijiFirst government came in, two of my sons, they got a degree in their own fields. One is a civil engineer, and the other one is a high school teacher, but all happened through this government, through the TELS. They are given a long period of time to pay, and if their salary is 30,000 plus, then only the deduction will happen, but since they are not in that salary scale, so like three years now, not a single cent has been deducted from their pay…”

My name is Maria, and I’m staying in Viesese.
This government is very good government. This government has done a lot of things for Fiji. Starting from day one, when they stepped in as the government, as interim government before they came into process as a democratic government. I like this government, the degree of development they have done so far, it’s more than 100%, I can say more than 100% more than what we expect, and the unity is very strong. That’s what I want to see… They’re very humble; they take things, you know, with the right attitude, and they see things in a very what can I say, in a very visionary way. Before they take action, they bring about unity to all the races…look at this government, never ever government before to bring all the races together…just like our leaders, they created a platform, they created a policy where we can call each one of us Fijian…before we don’t have these kinds of things that we are enjoying now…currently, we see many many developments happening around us, it’s only because of our government, it’s only because of our leaders, right set of minds. The way they see things, the way they delegate things…So, I like the FijiFirst Government. If we are going to vote for other government, I am telling you, it’s not going to be the same just like the way we are enjoying now…”

“My name is Nilesh Prasad, and I work for Pacific Transport. I am from Sigatoka, but I shifted to Navua for work in 2009. Back in the 80s, we had nothing. Our family and relatives were suffering, but we didn’t receive any help. The day this government stepped in, we started receiving assistance. We are happy with what we receive today, and no one can say they’re not progressing. Everybody should open their eyes to how this government works in different sectors with procedures. They are making progress for Fiji and also uplifting ordinary Fijians. It is very untrue that nothing is being done. Look at the previous situations of many villages and towns, where lights and water were unavailable. It was difficult to bring water into the communities, but today they have received water tanks due to this government…this government is assisting everyone in its full capacity. They monitor elderly people in the communities and provide their pensions under the Social Welfare scheme…everyone is receiving help; who is giving, FijiFirst Government…”

“My name is Akisi Vinaka, from Wainidua village Nadogo. I live on my cane farm in Lagalaga, The Wainikoro sector.
First of all, I wish to thank the FijiFirst government for helping us a lot. The first thing we never dreamt of is the electricity connected to our homes. We are so grateful to witness that electricity has finally arrived in Nubu, Lagalaga and Kurukuru. Our FijiFirst Government has also helped us in a lot many ways like agriculture assistance. The agriculture ministry has given us our rice mill, the tillers (Rotavator), to help us as we don’t have tractors to plant rice. Also, they have dug up our drains so water can flow properly. This govt. has also assisted us in many ways. We thank them for their great leadership this year and the magnificent assistance because we have been equally supported by this great government.”

I’m Vika Baleilavuka. I’m happy today that we managed to speak to AG face-to-face. He’s one of the most popular men that I only wanted to talk to in regards to what we faced during COVID. So, his presence here today at the Sheraton Resort has given us a lot of questions that he managed to answer us, and we find it that he’s a very easy-going person to talk to, and we can say that we’re blessed that he has been a part of our team during these three days of cultural week.
Thank you very much.”

“My name is Asinate Dawai from Nadi, originally from Nadi. From what I experienced about this government and the previous government, what this government is doing is a paradigm shift from before to now, especially Nadi. Nadi has been generating a lot of money for the economy because of the tourism activities, which are high in Nadi. The previous governments never concentrated on really improving the infrastructures, but this government has been working very closely not only in Nadi but all across the board in other in the all in the urban centres and also in the rural areas. The work they are doing now is doing a lot of good things. Of course, in every country, they’ll be facing problems that try to pull you back, but this government is just going ahead with the problems; they are very mature in how they have handled this on the ground. They are very mature and well-equipped. They have a way for Fiji to continue, pursue, maintain and continue to another level.
So, that’s why I will again vote for this government.”

“I’m tired and sick and tired of listening to people always saying, what has this government done? I just want to say to all my ladies and gentlemen here, who have come across me, you know, talking to them about politics a lot of times that just open your eyes, your ears, read a lot, look around, and you’ll know what this government has done. Even during these 2 pandemic, it’s almost cost us two years but did our teachers not get paid? Did the hospitals close their doors to us? Did our social welfare benefits stop? I have invited my aunty here I call her aunty, a woman I met in Navua, and this is the woman who was helped by this government, and that’s why she’s here today. She has passed 80 years old. She’s here today, and why is she here? I will share because she said she couldn’t talk, so she wanted me to say, this government helped her with all the materials you need to build a house, a little house comfortable…”

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