Women Empowerment

FijiFirst has always stood up for and been of service to all women, to empower them and add greater value to humankind. Over the years, FijiFirst have provided services to enhance and facilitate the implementation of changes and improvements to the life of women and families in Fiji.

For this reason, The Women Plan of Action (WPA) was introduced to recognise the broad directions for action by the government, stakeholders, and development partners to fulfil their obligation towards the women of Fiji. Currently, the government is preparing the draft Plan of Action for 2023-2028.

The WPA chalked out five important areas of concern to help Fijian women, namely:

The WPA has many economic strategies for women through focusing on their roles in the informal sector to reflect the broad economic status of women and their participation and contribution to the nation’s overall economic development.

FijiFirst has endorsed the ideology of promoting Gender Equality since its inception. FijiFirst firmly believes that women’s interests, opinions, and decision-making must be taken into account. Without the active participation of women and the incorporation of women’s perspectives at all levels of decision-making, the goals of equality, peace and development will be difficult to achieve.

There is a need to recognise and support mechanisms to help eliminate sexual and family violence to achieve a ‘safer community’ through the elimination of violence against women and children. With the introduction of the WPA, FijiFirst has supported both women and children by establishing shelters, legal aid and other services for girls and women at risk, counselling and rehabilitation of perpetrators.

Moreover, FijiFirst Government launched the Fiji National Action Plan to prevent violence against women and girls in 2021.

FijiFirst is reviewing the development structure, providing basic infrastructure, and improving health service delivery and education. FijiFirst further enhances the lives of women and girls in Fiji through improved access to health, education, and other essential utilities.

The Women’s Plan of Action is aligned to the commitment in the Beijing Platform of Action (1995), the Pacific Platform of Action (1993) and the MDG 3 – “Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women” and the Roadmap for Democracy and Sustainable Socio-Economic Development (RDSSED) 2009-2014 at the national level.

FijiFirst Government has also helped women

  • setting up an office facility – renting government quarters;
  • setting up a women’s advisory committee;
  • improving government and non-government organisation (NGO) partnerships in the implementation of women’s programmes;
  • coordinating Minister’s outreach programmes; and
  • distributing sewing machines (600) with the Integrated Human Resource Development Programme (IHRDP).

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